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A Rich blend treatment of 100% natural oils, antioxidants and essential fatty acids deeply hydrates, reduce s redness and help seal in moisture restoring a healthy looking glow


Ingredients : Argan Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Frankincense Essential Oil  and Tea Tree Eseential Oil

Argan Oil : Rich blend essential  fatty acid loaded with vitamin E, ultra hydrating the skin, improve elasticity.

Rice Bran Oil : Antioxidants,  vitamin B and E evens out skin tone, reduces dark spots.

Frankincense Essential Oil : Regenerates healthy skin cells anti inflammatory  help fight off free radical that causes  fine lines and wrinkles reduces large pores , tone and firm the skin.

Tea Tree Essential Oil : Produce by melaleuca in Australia help to restore the skin natural oil balance, anti bacterial, antiseptic relives redness.





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