About Us


“Your health and the well-being of the environment are the Foundation for Two2Guys.”

We have specifically formulated every one of our products to be non-toxic and non-synthetic. Our ingredients are natural, vegan and Cruelty-Free Certified. Every product we offer is green, reusable, and made with recycled materials. We recognize beauty in everything we do, and we believe that you should never compromise your health in the name of beauty.

Our Story

Two2Guys was founded by two skilled, experienced and entrepreneurial makeup artists, Daniel Avalos and Gabriel Noda. A bona fide dynamic duo - they complemented each other’s knowledge, expertise, and life experiences to develop the concept and perfect their product offerings. Their mutual experience in the beauty industry laid the foundation for the business. Daniel’s passion for product ideation and development coupled with Gabriel’s specialization in skin care created the recipe for success from which Two2Guys was born.

          Throughout their careers, Daniel and Gabriel were exposed to many touching and motivational life stories. It became apparent to them what beauty can truly stand for, and that it goes much deeper than superficial looks. Beauty has the power to motivate and inspire. It instills self-confidence, promotes self-care and well-being, and empowers people to transform their lives and express their true selves.

Our Mission

Two2Guys mission is to offer a truly magical experience by developing products that energize, relax, and create a harmonious feel and ambiance. We have made the green pledge to use non-toxic, non-synthetic, Cruelty-Free ingredients, and to reduce the ecological footprint to our planet.