Do you know that you can wear two2guys candles

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When I first start this journey to make candle, I was looking for something that it have a concept, something unique that can connect people more intimate and closer to each other.

Every single candle of two2guys are make to bring memories and experiences to you.

Every product we is made to be green, reusable, recycled, and reduces the
ecological footprint to our planet. We recognize beauty in everything we do, and we believe that you should never compromise your health in the name of beauty.

Two2guys candles are handmade manufacture free of paraffin and artificial wax, we make sure that our candles are eco- friendly,safe for your home by allowing them to melt for 20 minutes and scoop out with a spoon and apply into your skin. making them wearable and safe. We only use natural butters and vitamins into the candle. our scents are Phthalate free and pet friendly


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